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A CONVERSATION WITH X. ARI A passionate account for mental health advocacy


A passionate account for mental health advocacy

David Fisch  March 7th, 2018

Canadian-bred, LA-based artist X. ARI is determined to help the world in any scale she can. That’s the impression I got from my sit-down interview with her in Mar Vista, CA, where she detailed her latest single, “Vapors,” which itself is from a soon-to-be-released EP entitled Dis-Order, which itself is a part of her promotion for her Pain Into Power Campaign.

She is a staunch supporter of mental health and self care, and that is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how she approaches music and its creation, output, and performance as therapy for herself and for all.

Photos by David Fisch

During my conversation with her, she discusses her background in psychology and her move to LA which, in just a couple years’ time, has seen her writing for other artists, working in the studio, and performing. Speaking of which, X. ARI will be performing tomorrow, 3/8, at The Peppermint Club, so it would be advisable to be witness to her mix of surreal pop and raw, emotional energy.

This is an interview which I didn’t fully anticipate getting personally involved in, but it’s simply a conversation you have to hear: one that has fun, but that also digs into social awareness, musicality, and favorite food spots.

Listen to the full interview below, and below that, take a listen to “Teachers,” which took first place in the Indie International Songwriting Contest.

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