Happy International Women’s Day 2018! For this year’s International Women’s Day, 6/8 Music has pledged to #PressForProgress and celebrate the achievements of women in several areas of the music industry. We are proud to present 10 women who are breaking barriers and working toward closing the gender gap in music. From artists, to artist managers, to full-blown CEOs, these women do incredible work in music every single day, and their outspoken presence in the industry inspires us at 6/8 Music to raise our voices that much louder in celebration for all the incredible ladies who inspire us and are paving the way for more amazing women to make the music industry better.

So, without further adieu, meet our 10 Women On a Mission!

Photo by Dan Abramovici

X. Ari – Los Angeles

X. Ari is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and activist. She won Best Female Album of the year and Best Pop Female for her debut record Tunnel Vision by Artistic Echoes & Music Fusion in 2017.  She started the “Pain Into Power” campaign for mental health awareness, and is soon to release her newest EP in May of 2018, Dis-Order, to support the cause. Ticket sales of X. Ari’s concerts have also supported Jack.org, a Canadian charity organization that empowers youth and is a national network of young leaders on “transforming the way we think about mental health.” In addition to the release of new music this year, X. Ari  also has some exciting news to share: Journeys shoe stores will be playing a live performance video of her next single along with an interview about her “Pain Into Power” campaign for mental health awareness at 1200 stores across the US in Fall 2018. Now that’s progress! #PressForProgress

6/8: Describe what being a woman in music means to you:
I feel very empowered as a woman in the music industry. It took me time to feel that way since it’s kind of a “boys club”, but I’m proud to be a woman in the music industry and believe that the climate is changing for the better.
6/8: Describe what International Women’s Day means to you:
“International Women’s Day to me is a special day for women all around the world to unite and celebrate their womanhood.
6/8: Who is one female artist who inspires you?

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For an extra International Women’s Day treat, we’ve compiled a Spotify playlist of all these ladies’ favorite girl power tracks. Check out the Girl Power Playlist by clicking here, or listen below.


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